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Anti-Mouse IgG Fc-PNU159682 DM Antibody with Cleavable Linker

Catalog Number: AM-102-PN

αMFc-CL-PNU is anti-mouse IgG Fc specific antibody conjugated to PNU-159682 with a cleavable linker. The antibody portion is a polyclonal antibody which is specific to the Fc region of mouse IgGs, and it is also cross-reactive to the Fc region of Rat IgGs. PNU-159682, a derivative of nemorubicin, is a cytotoxic small molecule which causes cell death by intercalating DNA and inhibiting replication. The cleavable linker connecting PNU-159682 to the antibody is stable in extracellular fluid, but is cleaved by cathepsin in endosome once the conjugate has entered a cell via endocytosis.